Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hiya everyone!

so I havent posted anything for a while......sorry about that ...I have progress on Queen elfaria, chidori AND vaporeon....Oh BTW did I tell you im cosplaying vaporeon....cuz I am XD. hopefully it wont be a fail. HAHA anywho i will have pics up asap ( as soon as i remember very sad jk anywayzzzz! I plan to go shopping for the rest of my stuff this saterday the next post will be FULL of progress pics i promise! XD bye bye peoples!

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  1. POsting pics should be the same as it always is... =/ you either upload them from your computer or put in a link. If the upload isn't working then save them to photobucket and add their link in the URL section instead. Don't forget to hit DONE :)!!!!