Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PROGRESS PICS! (fanime 2010)

so i finally got my progress pics up! i Hope you like them! (one is side ways :( ) anywho forgive me if i have put one of these up before XD. if i have then ...oh well XDDDD

this is Queen Elfaria stuffs (i have more progress and the dress has been hemmed and i have made the slits up the sides of the legs now (kinda older pic) I bought a potion bottle for a prop XD and i have started to style the wig......it might look fail to you but its the best we could do :( i had super awesome help (sorry about my wanna be akuma pic editing i kinda had fun with the stars lol)..... i also have covered most of my cardboard wings in air dry clay (aka model magic) and i painted one of them black. i hope to finish those soon its very time consuming.

this is vaporeon stuffs (not too accuate but it'll do for now) i wanna redo the head band one day i just dont have time :(

and these are the beginings of my chidori anklets :) you like (this pic is upside down 0_0 yeah)


  1. The dress almost looks good enough for a prom dress. lol Even though you already had your prom.