Sunday, November 29, 2009

cosplay shopping! (^_^)

I had lots of fun yesterday! I went cosplay shopping with my friends Keika and Ne-Chan! I now have all my fabric for Fubuki, oh and I also have most of the other stuff in his outfit. I just don't have his shoes or his giant beads.Wait I also don't have the white contacts but......that's a maybe thing! :) I mean, I really want to have them It's just everywhere i look online there like hey here's the exact contacts you need. Then I'm like sweet! but then i look and it's like $1,000,000,000,000 plus sucks! Keika found a store that sells cheaper ones that don't kill you but she doesn't know what kind of contacts they really have besides natural looking stuff. She cant go check cuz there store is REALLY far away. I'm praying they will have white! lol anywho.... After shopping I went to Keika's and we worked on cosplay for a bit! that was fun! we mostly focused on my Chidori anklets (I don't really know if I've told you guys about that cosplay) but yeah.....AND DEN! lol after that I went home to see my sis and then to Sheik-Chan's to talk about cosplay, make rice, and make a video! We both returned to my house to look at more cosplay stuffs and make chocolate pie.........YAY PIE!......Oh and I went to see New moon on Friday and it was freakin hilarious! I was (for once) the obnoxious person in the theater everyone hates. Yeah it was seriously that bad....that's my opinions I always laugh at cheesey stuff. Well that's about it besides that I am seriously excited for AOD! OH YEAH! me and Sheik-Chan found out that Sac anime 2010 is the 9th of January and I think we might go one day just for fun! But we would just chill in the halls, but still!!! That would rock!

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