Friday, November 27, 2009


So I went shopping on black friday....but I went later so it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I wanted to get some fabric for my cosplays but half way there I had realized that I had forgotten my referance pics....grrrrrrr yeah, but I did get some gift for friends and family! I believe that i'm going shopping again tomarrow with my friends just for cosplay. Ahhh its nice to do a little cosplay shopping. It cheers me right up! At the end of this month I think i'm going cosplay shopping for my shigure stuffs with Sheik-Chan! yay! Not only that but I just found out that Fanime Starts the same day as my gradnight :( ....No gradnight for Kay-Chan lol I think I would have more fun at Fanime. NO I know I would have more fun XD so yeah that was today....oh and I think i'm gonna style my Chidori wig a bit more this weekend! woohoo! Well thats it! Bye bye peoples!

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  1. Haha. You weren't crazy like me. Ughhh I felt sooo freakin' tired. -___-;

    I hate when I forget reference pictures. You shouldn't have bought your gifts for friends D: We're all lame you know! Besides...AOD at the Kabuki Hotel is going to be great....~

    Oh and yes...we will go shopping together in December! :] I think Robby will be kind of helping me out with money. I told him he doesn't need to...but he likes to help me I guess. @@;

    Anyway.....yay for the post. I'll help you with your wig...if you need it. You know what to do though right? Oh and we can style our Aya/Gure wigs together when they come in the mail. It's been 9 days since they've been shipped! I want them....