Sunday, January 31, 2010

AOD o_o

Okay so I took some of my friends (who happen to be in my cosplay group) with me to AOD. I had lots of fun and I know its said to be a small con, but there were a lot more people there then I thought there would a lot more. I had lots of fun and strangely never really got bored at all. Except when I was changing into my fubuki cosplay. It took me and Ne-Chan hours to get all those pieces on! (btw thanks again Ne-Chan) any-who I cosplayed shigure for most of Saturday until the masquerade judging. Okay,I have never really been in a masquerade, so when I went to sign up the lady said she needed to see me in my cosplay I was wearing for the masquerade before 4:00. I thought "hmmmmmm wonder why" I didn't really think to much about it and went to my fruits basket photo shoot with Sheik-chan and Callisto (sp) it was mucho fun! After a bit I looked at the time and noticed it was 3:00. Ne-Chan and I booked it to the room ( I was sad to leave (T.T) but know how it goes) we tried to hurry but didn't have time to finish all the details. We thought...oh there just gonna see that we have one or...IDK! I'm an idiot I didn't know that was the judging! I had no make up (his thick eye liner) and some small pieces were missing. they asked me for a reference pic because they didn't know my character. so I asked if I could also have a bit more time to finish putting on my costume. They said that the line for judging would be down by then and that we could just come back in a lil bit. so we did that and we were juged.....I know, I know, I'm stupid.

So then we went back to the room till we had to meet up at the main events place again. While we were leaving the room we realized we had lost the room key and locked Ne-chan's staff in the room :( ...*sigh* -_-;.....then we had to get a new key.

ANYWAY!!!!!!! After that we went to the masquerade. When it was our turn they played the audio for the people behind us on accident and I did a lil bit of "stall" dancing (I DONT KNOW! MY MIND WENT BLANK!) It was fun over all and we didnt expect to win anything. There were some GREAT cosplayers there! But we ended up winning best of show! I was so excited. Maybe a little too excited but at that point I didnt care. I was just happy.

Oh! Did I mention I also meet Koi cosplay!?! It was sooooo awesome they were soooo nice! The next day I went from shigure in the morning to fubuki in the afternoon for some photo shoots and then to normal clothes and then we went home. :) yup! I left a lot of the secound day out but I wrote too much about the first day so I dont think you'd wanna here more :) but yeah that was my AOD experianc not to mention i turned 18 today wooohooo! ups (sorry for the novel!) sooooooo thanks for reading bye peopleS!


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome-tastic birthday!!!!!

  2. Did you note them on dA yet? If you can't remember your screen name, I'm pretty sure there is a way to find it again, like putting in your email address or something. You need to do it!!
    AND you can start posting your cosplay pictures on dA like Sheik chan and I do.
    Well, her more than me, but regardless... you should note them.

  3. no i havent :( i waited to long :((