Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Long weekend (hope of progress)

So I have a four day Weekend this week, i had originally decided to take a break from cosplay to focus on my school work and driving tests (no I cant drive yet,because I'm lazy and terrified of driving with other cars).anywho As you all know (cuz i told ya lol) me and my friend Ne-Chan won a masquerade at AOD and won alot of prises, we kept some but we decided to sell the rest for cosplay moneys! so this weekend we are having a "put everything on eBay" party. We are also going to go through the difficult task of making my Fubuki cosplay easier to put on by making a note of where everything goes. (that might know.....FOREVER!)not only that but were gonna look up YouTube vids of our fav cosplayers.....after that were gonna brain storm about my epic queen Elfaria wings for Fanime. We decided that it is not as far away as we want to believe it is and think that we need to get started on them asap! but i cant forget that i have to finish my TAPS binder and such to graduate.(TAPS is something that only my DUMB school does, well that i know of). I miss my friends so I'm glad that i get to see Ne-Chan. and sheik-Chan needs to come home! but I'm glad she's having fun in Texas. so yeah I have been putting my vids up on YouTube and (four years later!) i have decided that i will most likely put my AOD vids up this weekend :) i think they'll be boring though. i was to busy having fun to make alot of vids :( oh well. so I'm gonna stop talking now haha bye bye peoples!


  1. D: Sounds like fun....yeah, I'll work on cosplay stuff too while I am here!!

    Fanime definitely IS closer than we it's good to work on stuff. Just don't forget about school. Gotta keep your mom happy xD

  2. I'm going to the Fanime too!!!! I'm working on my Torhu Honda costume and my Sakura costume (Naruto). And get this, my friend Flavio is going to come too!!! He's going to cosplay as Yuki and then Sasuke from Naruto. We're also thinking that his younger brother should be NarutoXD We'll just have to wait and see.