Sunday, February 21, 2010


Okay so on Saturday I went cosplay shopping for my fabric(fanime). I got all the fabric for one of my coslpays and I also got a (VERY EXPENSIVE) undergarment that I needed. I know I could have found a cheaper one, but its not like im only using it for one cosplay and then thronging it away!.............I felt very uncomfortable in that be honest I feel uncomfortable in any underwear store so I was like.......terrified in that place (Victoria secret btw) anywho......we also went to lows and Red Robbins (YUMMMMM). after that we went back to Keika's and chilled there for a while. it was FUN! we talked about or skit and many other things. I had to go home though, so we got on MSN and talked for a while. that was even more fun! at the moment we are talking about trying to get more people (mainly guys) to do a group cosplay with us so we will have like ALL OF THE CHARACTERS! a few are quit girly but you know. We have 9 people in our group and EVERYONE is doing a cosplay from this particular video game so its gonna be epic! we dont NEED more people.....but we WANT them lol! I also hope the Robbie ends up cosplaying with us as well. She would make a hardcore Alice and I hope she really thinks about it. I also hope we weren't pressuring her to much.....oh well anywho you people most likely have no idea what im talking about but yeah I'll post progress ASAP!!!! bye bye peoples!


  1. This has made me really miss you guys. I will be back sometime next month I get reeeaaaddeh~!!

  2. You have THAT many people right now!!!! That's amazingXD I'm trying just me and a few people for a start, then I'll add more people as time goes by.

  3. Oh my goodness, nine people!? That's a lot D= The most I've gotten is six, and even then two bailed and two more ditched us at the con. I'm totally jealous of your group for having so many people -.-

    Oh, and Victoria's Secret is very expensive =[ "Pardon me? $50 for a bra!? *dies*"

  4. I know! i am very lucky to have such a great cosplay group.... and surprisingly we are all friends! (VERY VERY LUCKY)i dont deserve them!!!!!! LOL XD

    Thats how much it was =_=..........what i do for cosplay.....*sigh*


  5. lol That's how much the one I just got was too, so it wasn't so much of a lucky guess as it was the horrible, expensive truth D=

    And I got over being ditched xP Cosplay and cons always show me who my real friends are, haha. I'm forming a much better, more reliable group now =] People who actually make their own costumes instead of having me do them =O It's such a foreign concept to me xD "You sew? Holy crap, I thought I was the only one in the universe, the way things were going!"