Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm not dead!

Its true I am very much alive, and I truly have no excuse for ignoring this for so long. I did try to come back and write about fanime but, Half way through I was like 'forget it!'. Plus that day I was in a computer class and the almost two hour class finished before I could finish what I wanted to say -_-. (I was still in high school at the time) and I just haven't got back on here.

Recently a friend convinced me to get my act together and write stuff out on here. this might be do to the fact that I constantly rant about cosplay related things to her......and everyone else O_O. I am soooooo incredibly sorry I was gone for so long! I hope you guys haven't given up on me :(.

so lets get down to business XD

sense I've been gone I've gone to Ani-Vent, Sac-anime summer 2010. Also after convincing a few friends to cosplay DGM we created a youtube channel called Kalalipopz that features silly videos about Allen, Lenalee, Kanda, and Lavi. You might think its stupid but I love it. It's so fun!

so I have already bought my badges for fanime and anime expo 2011. I'm hoping to go to Sac-anime winter, but I'll have to see how it plays out. I am definitely going to AOD 2011. I need con sooooo bad I'm going through with draws! (is that how you say that or is it with drawls?) IDK!? XD

Anyway!!!!!!!!!!! I have sooooooooooo many cosplays and cons planned for 2011.

lets see I'm planning to go to...

Sac-Anime winter (hopefully)
AOD (for sure)
Fanime (for sure)
Anime Expo (for sure)
Sac-Anime Summer

and I Have around 9 cosplays planned so far.

But yeah I cant wait till con! YAY!

You know what else I cant wait for????
THE NEW HP MOVIE! I just bought my tickets tonight! I'm going with a group of friends. Sadly we did not get tickets in time to go to the premiere and we aren't "cosplaying" any one really, but we will be wearing all our harry potter stuffs like ties, necklaces, maybe wigs, dark marks-did I say dark marks? O_O I meant uhhh......ooootthhherrrr stuuufff.........yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

anyway sorry to talk ya all to death.

thanks for reading!!

hey, so who is going to the hp movie and what cons are you planning to go to???? :)

bye bye ppls!




  2. ^_________^ Yay you wrote. I'm glad, I was hoping you'd write again.

    Hopefully you can keep up on your progress..or just thoughts.