Monday, December 6, 2010

grrrrrrrrr school

So I am currently undergoing my final two weeks of school, and you know what that means! THATS RIGHT FINALS FINALS FINALS. Which, When you throw work and the holidays into the mix, doesn't leave me with much free time. I am determined to create some though to work on a skit I am doing with a few friends for fanime. I cant put it off anymore. though its a few months away that's closer then one would think. especially sense 5 out of the 7 people in the skit live either out of town or out of state. this is going to make things difficult but......I BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT!!!! Sí SE PUEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could tell you guys about the skit but the cosplays are a surprise. So I hope you see us running around on Saturday. Or in the masquerade if you go to watch it. :)

Who is planning to go to fanime!!!!!!!!! I WANNA KNOW!!!!! XD

I went black Friday shopping but didn't get much to help me with cosplay. Later I went and got all my fabric...well most of it I still need fabric for three more Cosplays. Baiken From guilty gear Shigure from fruits basket (surprise outfit) and the goddess Nayru from The Zelda Games. I hope to show prog pics but a lot of the outfits are surprises I've noticed........sorry :( if any one has questions or ideas about what you would like me to talk or tell you about just let me know and I will in my next blog. If anyone even reads this anymore....I wouldn't trust me either TT_TT anyway I g2g study!!!!
Bye Bye peoples!!!!

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