Thursday, December 17, 2009

cosplay progress

Well you all know how I have my fabric for my Shigure cosplay, but I have finally made some progress. not as much as my friend sheik-Chan but some! I almost have all the pieces cut out of my black fabric. I just need to sew them together and get the buttons (I don't have enough because when I went to get them they only had too packs and I needed 3 or 4) oh and I also got my shoes when I went to take Christmas with the fam and best friend pics with sheik-Chan! I know I said I wouldn't go shopping again untill January, but its so hard not to shop for cosplay! that and I realized money or not I need to get two cosplays done before January 29Th and yeah...................I think you can see where I'm coming from :) I'll post pics soon when I start to sew stuff! sorry I didn't have much to say! :( bye bye peoples! :P

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