Sunday, December 6, 2009

shopping again

Okay so I went shopping AGAIN ( I like to shop :D)today with sheik-Chan for my shigure fabric and it was mucho fun...but I have a lil problem.....I'm running out of money. It never seemed like I was spending so much but I guess I was. I checked when I got home and I looked like this O_O and then like this D: problem is that I don't know how much fabric to get. I ALWAYS get WAY too much.........I'm kinda mad at myself. I have decided that I'm not spending anymore money until I HAVE to.....but yeah...I guess I'm not good with money......its slightly depressing...I did go to my friend Robbie's house with sheik-Chan and that was a lot of fun too! :) anyways.......yeah ...peace peoples!

1 comment:

  1. Well at least you know you'll be paid again.

    I have to be extra careful since I don't know when I will be paid again .__.