Tuesday, December 8, 2009

puppy T-T

Today i am very sad to say, that my dog, puppy (that's her name) was hit by a car. Right when i walked through the gate to my yard after work and i didn't see her waiting by the door. i knew something was wrong. as soon as i got in the house my mom told me she had found her on the side of the road when she had gotten home from work. I've had puppy since 2nd grade. its really really strange know she wont be there looking out the play house door tomorrow morning saying goodbye or howling on the step to welcome me home after school.
When she was younger we had a swing set with a slide and the latter to that slide went straight up and down, but she still learned how to climb the later (without help) and go down the slide! and when she was a puppy we would dress her up and have tea party's with her! she loved it cuz we would give her cookies. we also called her baby Joe at those tea party's [ her tea party alias (sp)LOL XD] towards the end of her life i admit that i didn't really give her too much attention. I feel really bad about that now but i know that she had a good life and i hope she was happy. i love my puppy and always will... R.I.P puppy........T-T sorry for the cheesiness and the sad rant..... :(


  1. lots of spelling and grammer mistakes (sp) sorry about that!

  2. Awww... :[ Poor Puppy.

    I'm sure she's in heaven now. She was a good doggy..ya? :( You guys raised her well...It was just her time. Maybe it was better than her growing blind and deaf.. Cause dogs usually get that way and it's even more sad to watch them suffer. ;_;

    I hope you feel better, Kay-chan... :(